Hacking Gun

By shooting Truth Bullets as program codes, the Hacking Gun provides a variety of effects. 
If you hit a Monokuma's red eye with a Break bullet, you get a "NICE SHOT" bonus, which greatly increases the damage of the next shot.
You can also attach "Bling Bullets" purchased at the Shop to most Truth Bullets, which can boost offensive capabilities.
Bling Bullets can be purchased at the Shop with Monocoins, which are earned for defeating Monokumas.
Truth Bullets
There are 8 types of Truth Bullets that can be used by the Hacking Gun. Most are used for battle against Monokumas, but "Move" and "Detect" are typically used for finding new routes and solving riddles.

Genocide Jack

If you press the △ button with at least one battery gauge filled, Toko transforms into Genocide Jack. Genocide Jack doesn't take damage, but the battery drains steadily while she is out. Genocide Jack changes back into Toko if you press the △ button or the battery runs out, which puts you back in control of Komaru.
Blood Lust
When Genocide Jack attacks enemies, the Lust Gauge fills. When the gauge is filled completely, you can unleash the super attack "Blood Lust." You can have up to three charges of the Lust Gauge: using one charge will attack a single enemy, but using all three charges at once will attack all enemies in range.
Single Target
Multiple Targets
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