Game Flow

Once your school life has begun, Monokuma uses his cunning to push the students toward murder. You will have to investigate the school, and arm yourself with evidence and testimony in preparation for the class trial.

Daily Life

During your daily life, you'll have time to talk with the other students and enjoy their company.


Monokuma uses his cunning to push the students toward murder.

The Investigation

During your investigation, you'll have to talk with everyone to piece together what happened, as well as explore the school looking
for clues.

The Trial

At the trial, you'll use what you found during the investigation to try and figure out who the killer is. You'll have to point out the lies
and contradictions of your classmates to corner the culprit!

The Punishment

Once the trial is over, the guilty party will receive their "punishment" from Monokuma—in other words, death. This will be carried
out in a variety of gruesome ways, and all in grotesquely gorgeous 2.5D graphics!

The Class Trial

In "Danganronpa" you'll dive into a series of class trials and expose the lies and contradictions of your classmates in order to find out who's behind each grisly murder. In each trial, you'll have to use the evidence and testimony collected during your investigation to literally shoot down your opponent's assertions. By combining logic and motion, "Danganronpa" offers an exciting and unprecedented gaming experience.

Nonstop Debate

As the class trial moves forward, the Nonstop Debate will begin and each student will lay out their argument. The testimony and

evidence you uncovered during your investigation become Truth Bullets, which you'll have to use to shoot down the mistruths hidden

within each student's statements.

You'll also have special abilities at your disposal to help you with this. For example, you can use Concentration to slow down the

discussion, or reveal unseen clues in your own statements.

Hangman's Gambit

At certain points, you'll be forced to recall important words or phrases related to the case. This is where the Hangman's Gambit comes

in. You'll see a number of letters floating onscreen, and you'll have to pick out the right letters to complete the key concept.

Bullet Time Battle

As the trial reaches its climax, you'll find yourself facing off against those who absolutely refuse to listen to you. You'll barely have

time to catch your breath as you do everything you can to shoot down their arguments one after another and get them to see things

your way!

Closing Argument

Once the debate is over and you're sure of the whole truth, you'll give the Closing Argument. Here, you'll have to place each event

piece into the correct spot in order to reconstruct the murder beat by beat as a sort of deadly comic strip.

To succeed at this stage, it's crucial for you to understand the truth as it was revealed during the trial, the flow of the original incident,

and the graphical depiction of each event piece.

Class Trial Rules

- The final result is determined by class vote.
- If the guilty party is exposed, they alone will be executed.
- But if you pick the wrong one, Monokuma will punish everyone else, and the one that deceived you all will go free.


This game contains both logical puzzle-solving elements and fast-paced action elements. Accordingly, you can adjust the difficulty of each aspect—logic and action—separately. Adjusting one will have no effect on the other, so you're free to tweak the game according to your preferred playstyle.

Lowering the Logic Difficulty

- During a Nonstop Debate, Makoto will give you more hints.
- During a Nonstop Debate, the number of possible Truth Bullets will decrease, making it easier to figure out which Truth Bullet

you need to refute a statement.

Lowering the Action Difficulty

- During a Nonstop Debate, you'll take less damage when you make a mistake on an "action" section.

- During a Hangman's Gambit, the letters will move more slowly.

- During a Bullet Time Battle, your opponent's statements will move more slowly.