Spike Chunsoft

The class trial starts after a murder has occurred. During the class trial, you will debate the surviving students to uncover the truth behind the incident and identify the true killer.

Before the class trial starts, you can prepare by assigning skills that you think will be useful during the trial. You can assign as many skills as you have available SP to spend on them. Your maximum SP will increased every time you level up.

There will come a point during the class trial when the students will be confronted by several issues that need to be clarified. When that happens, the trial will shift to a “Nonstop Debate” so that the students can exchange their arguments. Using the Truth Bullets you obtained during your investigation, you can advance the trial by shooting down the weak points hidden in your classmates’ statements and break a student’s argument by either Refuting or Agreeing with it. If you point out something that is wrong or irrelevant, the other students will mistrust you and your Influence Gauge will lower. If the Influence Gauge reaches zero, the truth will remain shrouded in darkness, forever beyond your reach...

Weak Point - Refute:
These weak points are yellow. If you suspect that this part of a student’s statement is false, you can refute it with the Truth Bullet that counters their argument.

Weak Point - Agree:
These weak points are blue. If you suspect that this part of a student’s statement is true, you can agree with it by firing the Truth Bullet that supports their argument.

The Rebuttal Showdown will begin when a student denies your argument during a class trial. You can counterattack the statements in your opponent’s rebuttal that appear by using the directional keys and × button. By doing this, you can skew the debate to your advantage in order to reveal the rebuttal’s weak point and refute it.

The Hangman’s Gambit (Improved) will activate in situations where you need to figure out an important key word. Using the letters that appear onscreen from all directions, you must arrange the letters in the proper order to spell the key word. If you misspell the word or let different letters collide with each other onscreen, the letters will explode and you will receive damage. You can “catch” a letter to temporarily remove it from the field, then “release” it where the reticle is positioned. By doing this, you will prevent letters from colliding and have an easier time completing the key word.

The Logic Dive will activate when the main character needs to collect their thoughts. Skate through the tubular course created in your mind’s eye and make your way to the correct answer by choosing the proper path when the course forks. If you select the wrong path, you will fall off the course.